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In darkest day, in blackest night, no data shall escape my sight. Let those who worship anecdote’s might, beware my power, statistics fight! 

I love statistics like Oprah loves bread. I find statistics frequently challenging but also a lot of fun, once you understand them. I was taught frequentist (classical) statistics in school but for my research I have switched to using Bayesian statistics, which are superior in many situations. I have uploaded some statistics resources here you may find useful. Use responsibly. 

If you use frequentist stats and need to do a quick independent samples t-test or dependent samples t-test, here are some excel calculators you may find useful. Included is an effect size estimate and a graph. You just enter the data and the rest is generated automatically. Please use responsibly.   

Independent samples t-test

Dependent samples t-test

Here is a worked example of factorial ANOVA I did in Excel. I think these are really useful for teaching purposes and for breaking down the calculations conceptually.

Here is a worked example of a one way ANOVA in Excel.

Some Bayesian analyses for teaching purposes 

Grid approximation example script in R (based on the Rethinking book). Also an example of grid approximation with quadratic approximation at the end. 

Bayesian Analyses for teaching


R script with an example for grid approximation, quadratic approximation, and Markov Chain Monte Carlo approximation (MCMC)

Excel calculator with many options for Cohen's d

Excel calculator for many types of Omega squared and partial omega squared

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